These are websites that I think are interesting. I don’t have anything to do with any of them. They are in arbitrary order.

Air Sickness Bags Virtual Museum
Cardboard America
Hip-Hop Radio Archive
Macintosh Garden
Phone Trips; Telephone World; Bell System Memorial
Public Collectors
Tick Tock Toys Archives & Galleries
Gallery of Graphic Design at TJS Labs

sr ix (Wikipedia: Tom Jennings)
Selectric Typewriter Museum

The Gertrude Bass Warner Collection of Japanese Votive Slips at University of Oregon Libraries
Resource of Outdoor Advertising Descriptions at Duke University Libraries
Security Awareness Posters at the US Department of Commerce Western Region Security Office
Wakefield High School Student Posters (ca. 1970) at Arlington Public Library
Modern book-plates and their designers (1898)

Jamie Livingston: some photos of that day

via the Wayback Machine:
Houseplant Picture Studio: (Caution: site makes noise.) Last usable capture 2013. This menu may be less confusing. Kurt Benbenek appears to have made some enemies during this website’s heyday, for reasons unknown to me; Benbenek hate sites of the era survive and can be found on search engines. As of 8/2019, Benbenek maintains a presence on Bandcamp and probably elsewhere.