These are websites that I think are interesting. I don’t have anything to do with any of them. They are in arbitrary order.

Cardboard America
Public Collectors

sr ix (Wikipedia: Tom Jennings)
Selectric Typewriter Museum

The Gertrude Bass Warner Collection of Japanese Votive Slips at University of Oregon Libraries
Modern book-plates and their designers (1898)

Hip-Hop Radio Archive

Jamie Livingston: some photos of that day

via the Wayback Machine:
Houseplant Picture Studio: (Caution: site makes noise.) Last usable capture 2013. This menu may be less confusing. Kurt Benbenek appears to have made some enemies during this website’s heyday, for reasons unknown to me; Benbenek hate sites of the era survive and can be found on search engines. As of 8/2019, Benbenek maintains a presence on Bandcamp and probably elsewhere.