I’m Jack Driscoll. This is my website. I plan to do more interesting things with it soon, but all I have to offer at the moment is pictures of some things I’ve completed in print.

Overwriting (2018) is a perzine schadenfreude buffet comprising almost as many pages as can be comfortably stapled together. To tell you more, I’d have to reread it.

(Local Fire Dept. Logo) (2018) is “Media Ideas Workbook,” a 1980 FEMA publication offering unsolicited advice to local fire departments about how to make fire safety PSAs, if it were instead a cut-n-paste dick joke.

Ditto Heaven (2019) is a sampling of classroom handouts and other school ephemera from before the year 2000, mostly collected when I was a student.

Personal Relationships (2019) is a 30-minute mix of tracks from assorted (mostly) Christian records of the ’60s and ’70s, particularly those with a “folk rock” bent. There’s an accompanying print booklet that folds out into a poster.